How to Measure Standing/Wire Rigging

11 November 2014

How to Measure Standing/Wire Rigging

Note: Please read and follow these instructions completely. If you have questions or are unsure about something, call or email us before you place an order for rigging. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

What you will need:
Two people
A fiberglass or Steel (no-stretch) measuring tape at least as long as the rigging you will be measuring.
A fixed anchor point

1.If your rigging includes swaged on threaded adjusters, set your adjusters/turnbuckles to your normal sailing setting (medium air). It is VERY important to set rigging to your normal sailing setting as we will use this as the base line to produce your new rigging. If we are producing a piece of rigging with a turnbuckle/adjuster we will swage to the measurements you provide with the turnbuckle set 5/8 (Dyform) or 3/4 (1x19) open to allow for initial wire stretch (set).

2. Tape and or pin your threaded turnbuckles/adjusters (if any) to prevent movement.

3. Remove your rigging from the boat. (If you will be sending us your rigging to measure and duplicate, this is the point at which you should package and ship it off to us. Otherwise, proceed to step 4)

4. Find a completely flat surface on which to stretch out your rigging for measurement.

5. You will need a fixed point to anchor both your rigging and tape measure for accurate measurements. This can be a large nail or screw in a dock plank or on a long tool bench.

6. Have your assistant anchor one end of your rigging to the fixed point (see photos). This is the bearing surface. In all cases you will need to remove any clevis pins from your wire end fittings before taking measurements. If, however, your rigging includes a shackle with a captive pin (not removable), as can be found on many shackles used on wire main halyards, the pin is used as the bearing surface as shown above.

7. Attach your no-stretch measuring tape to the same fixed point (see photos).

8. Pull the other end of your rigging until all is straight (to insure an accurate measurements, you will need to apply a lot of pressure to "stretch" your wire out to it's true length. If the wire is bent at any point(s), you will need to first bend it back so that is is straight.). At the same time tension your tape measure over top of your rigging. With both under tension, take the measurement at the bearing surface of the end fitting. Ease off all tension and repeat this step until the measurement you get is the same each time.

If you are measuring a threaded stud, don't forget to let us know the length of the threaded portion, whether it is left or right hand and the thread size.

Sending Us Your Rigging
Sending us your existing rigging is always the best way to prevent mismeasurement.

When shipping your rigging to us please include:
Ship your package by a trackable method and insure it (these are valuable one-of-a-kind items).
Your complete name, address, email address and a day time phone number.
Tag each individual piece of rigging and note what it is. "Upper shroud, port side"; "Lower life line, starboard side"...
Instructions "Replace exactly"; "Replace with like, but make the shroud 2" longer"...

Ship your rigging to:
Masts & Rigging Ireland

Unit 9 Shannon Valley Centre



Co Dublin