These days when it's unthinkable to start your car without buckling your seatbelt, or to purchase a car without an airbag, we still somehow think that getting knocked senseless by a sailsboat's boom is just unavoidable fate. Who has not experienced the boom sweeping the deck in an untimely and brutal manner during jibing (whether deliberately or not) with consequences ranging from expensive - a broken boom or mast - to catastrophic - a crew member injured or thrown overboard! 

The boom-brake has long been perceived to be necessary only for circumnavigators on the open ocean. This can happen anywhere, not just in the middle of the ocean...

Masts & Rigging Ireland Ltd  stock the entire range of Walder boom brakes. Call to our Malahide office to view this "must have" product!

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  • Walder 203 C
  • Walder 203
  • Walder on Jeanneau 42 DS