Tylaska Marine Hardware is an American manufacturer of high quality marine hardware for the sailing and marine industry.



Tylaska Marine began producing high quality snap shackles in 1995. The original shackle evolved from a need to build a quick release mechanism for detaching towed gliders from behind powerboats. At the bequest of interested sailors, the design quickly transformed into its present configuration now popular with the sailing industry. Over the years, several other products followed to complement the initial snap shackle.

Tylaska products include Snap Shackles, Halyard Shackles, J-Locks, and Fids. We have hardware for every sailboat whether it is a small one design, a mid size racing or cruising boat, or a 100 foot ocean cruiser.

Tylaska shackles provide discriminating sailors with the ultimate in strength, performance and durability. 

They are the standard for cutting edge racing and cruising sailboats throughout the world. Tylaska Shackles can be found on many of the boats in the America's Cup Challenge, the Volvo Around the World Race, Fastnet Racing Series, and the Key West and Block Island Race Week series. Tylaska shackles are aimed to be the best possible product. Many extra and exotic processes are used differentiating the Tylaska shackle from the normal piece of hardware. Tylaska shackles are not the least expensive, but they are quite possibly the best.