No.1 in Ireland for all Z Spars products



Specialising in:

  • Replacement masts, booms, poles and ancillary components.
  • We carry large stocks of standard Z Spars fittings.

Masts & Rigging Ireland Ltd. have been Z Spar's sole agent on the island of Ireland since 2004. We are major stock holders of poles, booms, vangs and mast spares. We work very closely with the UK factory to ensure rapid turnaround for everything from goosneck replacements to complete rigs.

Z Spars make alloy masts, booms, spars, rigging and fittings for vessels from small day boats to 60 foot yachts.



Z Spars offer custom made spars for professional and home boat builders in single lengths up to 16.4 meters.

Z Spar offers a range of the following products:

  • Masts And Booms
  • Spinnaker Poles
  • Foresail Furling Systems
  • Rigid Fangs
  • Fully Battened Mainsail Systems

Call to our Offices in Cork or Dublin with your Z Spar enquiry, we will be delighted to be of assistance.

Z Spars combined with Harken can make a formidable team. This outhaul set up was produced for a SO40.3  and works with a 3:1 purchase system.

Please, see below for available downloads:

Z Spars 2021 Catalogue